ENPARTS members aim for a world where humans live in harmony with amphibians and reptiles without transportation systems damaging or destroying them and their habitats. This will be achieved through better care in the siting, construction and  maintenance of new and upgraded road and rail and in many aspects of wildlife protection measures associated with them. Measures to assist include bridges and underpasses, small and micro-tunnels, signage, road closures and a range of additional measures (such as rescue from being trapped in drains) undertaken by volunteers and professionals. We aim to promote the defragmentation of damaged landscapes where road or rail cause a part of that disharmony and via the protection, restoration and creation of new wetlands and clean freshwater areas. We will do this by research, education, campaigning, lobbying, seeking enforcement of legislation, publicising new findings and developing opportunities as well as alerting all sectors to new problems that are discovered. We will work with pan-European, National and regional government bodies, conventions and conferences, voluntary networks and with universities and research bodies to achieve our aims

Who are we?

ENPARTS  is The European Network for the Protection of Amphibians and Reptiles from Transport Systems, it is a partnership for national herpetological societies (NGO's), consulting companies and research centres..

ENPARTS serves as a platform for best practices in conservation. Priority areas:

  • communication
  • information
  • surveillance and monitoring
  • training
  • research
  • fundraising and awareness campaigns


During the 7-8th of March 2012 the UK Froglife hosted the EU Workshop on Amphibian Mortality on Roads bringing together representatives from 12 European countries in order to:

  • discuss the current situation in different countries
  • consider the creation of a network partnership